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Welcome to Dwi Emas International School – The World’s No.1 Entrepreneurial International School – where we are resolute in outfitting every one of our students with the entrepreneurial mindset and human skills to be able to navigate their future of uncertainty and constant change. (…And yes, along with the academic excellence that parents can expect from an ACE EdVenture School.)

We have a strong feeling that you’re in the right place. You can rest assured that we are with you and your children on their journey of embracing the greatness they already possess.

Unleashing Greatness in Every Child

Let’s face it, we have all heard that everyone is good at something, but how many of us get recognised for our more unconventional talents?

It’s sad because we have witnessed so many great leaders and successful people around the world who rose to the top because of their other talents that were not recognised by their schools. As educators, we believe that ALL talents should be nurtured and recognised alongside the academic rigour. After all, all industries require both.

Over the past 26 years, when we help our students nurture the unconventional talents that make them unique, they become great leaders and successful people when they go to university and eventually begin adulting.

Ways in which we are associated with Finland to create the East-West Connection

Rated 96% by Education Alliance Finland
Rated 96% by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)
Our in-house Teacher Training Programme is certified by Education Alliance Finland (EAF) for its pedagogical quality, the first in Asia to have done so
Finnish-Asian Early Childhood Programme
The World's No.1 Finnish-Asian
Hybrid Preschool

Lil Unicorn’s (our kindergarten) curriculum was co-developed with Finnish specialists in early childhood education

Finnish-Trained Educators
Finnish-Trained Educators

Our teachers’ in-house training is further bolstered by them undergoing the University of Helsinki’s teacher education programme

Modern Digital Tools to Accompany Groundbreaking Education

Lil Unicorn also uses the pedagogical assistant, TinyApp, so you and the teachers are able to clearly visualise your child’s progress and growth

Mightifier app
Social-Emotional Learning Done the Finnish Way

We use the Mightifier app to ensure our students’ social emotional wellbeing

Finnish-Certified Award-Winning EduTech Product
A Finnish-Certified Award-Winning EduTech Product Developed In-House

ChemCaper, our Chemistry role-playing adventure, is also certified by EAF for its educational quality

Get to know The World's No.1 Entrepreneurial International School (Since 2015)

12 Pillars of Entrepreneurship

The 12 Pillars of Entrepreneurship is our True North in nurturing students in their entrepreneurial development during their time at Dwi Emas. Just as success isn’t an overnight endeavour, neither is growing habits and skill sets. When in doubt, students can always refer to these guiding principles to strengthen their entrepreneurial muscles and instincts.

Creating Massive Value
Think Win Win Win
Trust is The New Currency
Design My Money Blueprint
Build Empowering Wealth
Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.)
Become A Problem Solver
The 4Ps
Empowered to Pitch
Coding Creates Opportunities
Ecosystems Empower Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Leaders Drive Change

Dwi Emas in Numbers

0 years
Years of Experience
2000 +
Students Empowered with
The ACE Method
0 years
Years in Business
13999 +
Number of As and A*s Nurtured
USD 79500 Million+
Revenue from Students’ Businesses
(as of May 2021)
0 Years
Experience Teaching
Cambridge University Student Union

Cambridge University Students' Union

The Star Outstanding Business Awards

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)

Ultimate Nation Builder Award

Other awards:

  • Sustainability & ESG
  • Industry Leadership
  • High Impact Economic Multiplier

Rated 96% by Education Alliance Finland

Rated 96% by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

ASEAN Business Awards 2015 - SME Excellence in Innovation

ASEAN Business Awards 2015 – SME Excellence in Innovation

BabyTalk Malaysia – Reader’s Choice Awards 2021

Baby Talk & Mama Papa Readers' Choice Award 2021

  • Best Early Childhood Education with Entrepreneurship
  • Best Finnish-Asian Hybrid Kindergarten
  • Best Preschool (Entrepreneur)

Endeavor Malaysia

Her World Magazine - Woman of The Year 2016

Her World Magazine – Woman of The Year 2016

Awards & Recognition

At Dwi Emas, innovation is at the heart of our education approach. We believe we have to keep improving and update our teaching methods so the new generation is relevant in future industries. This is to create the most engaging classroom experience to maximise learning and integration. Such innovations are the key to unlocking brilliant grades too. In 2020, 1 in 5 of our students scored straight A’s in the IGCSE.

Our spirit of innovation has also been recognised by industry leaders both local and global. We want to be the best and continue being the best – to assure that we keep the marque of World-Class Education for parents who trust us with their children.


Sunil Palan A/L T.Sivapalan
Graduate, Class of 2020
Sunil is now pursuing a Diploma in ICT with a specialisation in Data Informatics and is planning to go into either AI systems or cybersecurity.
There are plenty (of lessons I’ve learnt), but one of the bigger ones would definitely be confidence/ability in speaking/presenting. The many years over and over of presenting in front of the class, year, school, hosting events, being the emcee for many opportunities the school had given me have all been stepping stones for me to get better and better at it. In my everyday life now, as a student, it helps me stand out in university and also present in lecture halls comfortably despite the huge classes and many strangers. In work life, as a model it has definitely helped me as well in being confident on stage, speaking to people, and working in front of crowds.
Jodi Yip Mei Kei
Graduate, Class of 2018
Jodi Yip Mei Kei is pursuing her Bachelor of Mass Communications (PR & Creative Media Design) at Taylor's University.
Being at Dwi Emas has taught me to be more independent and a goal-getter. I used to be quite hesitant and needed to always look for reassurance and approval before pursuing my ideas. Nowadays, instead of waiting for doors of opportunities to open, I knock on them instead.
Darlene Arifah binti Kamarul Ariffin
Graduate, Class of 2020
Darlene is now undertaking the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) in Sunway College.
While studying here, I gained skills which I blindly thought would be easier for others. Having strong presentation skills and communicating with others is a strong asset, and Dwi Emas has certainly made it easier for me. Now, being in college has taught me that you will never find the people, the teachers, and the experience that you have in high school anywhere else. It wasn’t an easy road but all of it was definitely worth it!
Imraan Mikayil
Graduate, Class of 2020
Dwi Emas has taught me many things that have stuck with me. The teachers and students are supportive of ideas that I may have had and always helped as much as they could to turn my ideas into reality. Teachers never give up on us students and that has taught me to never give up on myself. Dwi Emas isn't just a school, it is an environment to grow. I am proud of who I've become.
Jaden Pathmanathan
Graduate, Class of 2020
Our teachers recognise how learning could be vastly different between students and proceed to help each of us find our most preferred method, whether it be active group discussion, religiously taking and revising from notes, interactive class experiments/activities or a combination of them all. This individualised approach to learning was instrumental to the success of my peers and it is also a testament to the various ways Dwi Emas is leading in the innovation of learning.
Low Jane
Graduate, Class of 2020
I always looked forward to every class because the teachers will always create games for us while learning, such as creating our own songs for chemistry reactivity series so that we can memorise it in a fun way, and my brain is always full of creative ideas when it comes to games. The teachers are always understanding and supportive, and it made me feel extremely comfortable to know that I could rely on them. This is a place where people can flourish. I am proud to say that I was a student from here.
Zoe Kirstyn Lee Shu Hui
Graduate, Class of 2020
Currently pursuing Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine.
Dwi Emas has given me the experience of being in an environment that allowed me to make mistakes without being criticised. Failure has always been a huge obstacle for me, every mistake made was an indication of how much I lacked. But the teachers here continued to remind and reassure me that it was okay to make mistakes and not understand immediately and that I shouldn’t feel bad. Now in college despite being out of my comfort zone, I am able to feel confident even with my mistakes.

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