Growing Future Success Stories

Situated in the city centre of Shah Alam, Dwi Emas International School is the platform where young trailblazers are grown.

At the pace the world is moving, Education ought to go beyond academia if we as educators and parents are serious about preparing children for their future.
We believe entrepreneurship is the way to go.

At Dwi Emas, students learn entrepreneurship whether it’s through starting their own businesses or thinking like an entrepreneur. The end results are the acquired 21st Century skills and heightened awareness of how the world works so they thrive when they’re out there. How we achieve this is through
the award-winning ACE EdVenture Approach and our Powerpreneur Programme, the winning combination that makes us Malaysia’s First Entrepreneurial School.

If you’re looking for an education that is different and most importantly works for your children, you’ve come to the right place.

Latest news

April 26, 2019

Young Entrepreneur X Factor

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, aged 9 to 17! Are you fired up to share that passion or business idea of yours? How about earning a study scholarship or attending a Bali business retreat for doing that?  How do …

January 23, 2019

Fashionably On Time

It’s a wrap! After weeks & weeks of brainstorms, practice, and coming up with stunning designs, they’ve finally showcased all of those efforts by putting up a remarkable fashion runway show! (P.S. Even Shawn Lee was there to perform for …

October 5, 2018

Y.E.M 2018 (Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace)

Hey folks! Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve seen some material on the Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace (YEM). If you’re not yet familiar, YEM is an annual affair where our Year 6 and 7 students, aged 11-13, go on ground …

September 6, 2018

Join us at the Launch of Dwi Emas Makerspace!

  The new Dwi Emas Makerspace is a collaborative space that empowers our students’ creations. Powered by tools sponsored by CT Hardware Sdn Bhd, they can bring their prototypes, projects, and entrepreneurial mindset to life! In line with our vision …