At the heart of what makes Dwi Emas the Malaysia’s First Entrepreneurial International School is the Dwipreneurship Program – an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is catered to empower students with lifelong abilities, so that they’ll always find success wherever they go, in whatever they do

Sir Richard Branson

You may have already seen our reasons why entrepreneurship is an essential element in education for the future, so Powerpreneur is our vehicle of enriching your children with entrepreneurial skills and experience, and nurturing budding, heart-centric entrepreneurs.

In the weekly sessions with the students, we want to dig deep with the kids to identify their passions, and should they want to, facilitate turning them into a means of creating massive value for people – a business.

Gamified and thematic entrepreneurial education to grow job creators and investors of the future.
Train students with interdimensional entrepreneurial and impact skills that can be applied now in their education and the real world
Facilitate discovery of as many areas of expertise and interests as possible to find their passion
Mentorship and collaborations with real-world entrepreneurs

Students Success Stories

Sze Qin, Dwi Emas alumnus
Entrepreneurship has taught me how to be confident in front of people, creating a business from my passion, pitching, being more creative, organising events, leading a team. I've learnt how to improve my business by just asking for feedback. My advice to Powerpreneur students? Do what you like and turn it into a business when you are still young.
Wei Kiet, Dwi Emas alumnus
My journey in Powerpreneur has been one filled with adventures and learnings. It allowed me to accomplish projects such as building my own startups, offering my services to others and teaching others about what I know. Another key takeaway is my ability to manage my own finances. That has proven to be extremely useful and helpful especially now that I am studying overseas. My advice to Powerpreneur students? Be bold, be brave. Take calculated risks because that's how you learn and succeed.
Sunil, Dwi Emas alumnus
My entrepreneurial journey began in year 8 when I started my own design company called K.Dzines with the first product line being a “Fantasy map” themed. The Powerpreneur ecosystem has definitely made a massive difference to me as an entrepreneur, giving me the confidence to start my business, picking up the necessary skills and feedback. To the future Powerpreneur students, my one advice would be...“If you have an idea. Go for it."
ACE EdVenture Market Store
ACE Market Store
ACE Market Store
ACE Market Store

ACE Market Store

Apart from being the storefront where parents and students purchase their books and uniforms, to further realise the efforts students put into their initiatives and businesses we created the ACE Market Store where they can put up their products and services for sale. This gives them access to real-world experience with e-commerce, and provides a platform where customers can discover them.
Young Entrepreneur X-Factor

Young Entrepreneur X-Factor

The vision to nurture the future generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs isn’t limited to just our students.

Young Entrepreneur X-Factor (YEX) is a storifying competition organised by ACE EdVenture in collaboration with the Circle of Excellence group, long-time friends and business mentors of the ACE EdVenture group.

The competition gives recognition to children for their entrepreneurial pursuits as they unleash their creativity to solve real-world problems, sharpen their entrepreneurial skills set and storify their business ideas to a panel of distinguished industry experts. It is designed to allow their business ideas, innovative products and creative solutions to flourish. It is also for the young entrepreneurs to be connected with industry experts and professionals.

Year in, year out since 2017, we’ve been astonished by the gems (whether hidden or just needing polish) who have participated in YEX. Some of whom have gone on to be current students of Dwi Emas. If your children have an idea or a passion they want to do more with, we highly encourage them to experience this opportunity!