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IPC Year 2 2017 - Field Trip to Firefly Hangar

Flight, the best mode of transportation crossing long distances. But how much do we really know about them? For their IPC trip, our Year 2 students visited Firefly’s Hangar to get a closer look at the ins-and-outs of air travel. How about that?       If you would like to view pictures of the field trip, please click here.

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IPC Year 1 2017 - Field Trip to the Butterfly Farm

The Earth is full of wonderful creatures that crawl across the ground or flit through the skies. To get to know the insects that live in our forests a little better, our Year 1 students visited the Butterfly Park for their IPC field trip. They had the chance to view and even interact with these creepy-crawlies. Check out the pictures ...

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Events Day 2017

Neither rain nor sun could stop our students from having good fun during our Events Day. This year’s theme was “Avengers and the Infinity Stones”. Each class was assigned a hero/villain from the Marvel Universe and created a game each, based on their given character. And on the day itself, they got to play each other’s self-curated ...

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Dwi Emas' Family Day 2017

Our Family Day happened on the 1st of April where parents, students, and teachers came together for a fun-filled day of activities at our campus in Shah Alam. Isn’t it great to be able to take a break and bond on the weekend? Check out the pictures we have of that day. If you would like to view more ...

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IPC Year 3 2017 - Field Trip to Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Though less frequented and spoken about these day, one of the ways to learn how the past has shaped the present and future is to visit a museum! Our Year 3 students visited the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) for their IPC field trip. There they learnt about “Inventions That Changed the World” from experts on the subject and even ...

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