While conventional pools are chlorinated, our 25-metre long pool uses temperature-regulated salt water which significantly reduces the risk of skin allergies. With a shallow depth of 1 metre and supervision from our professional swim coaches, it’s perfectly safe for our students to learn how to swim.

Swimming Pool

Bookworms would love our Trees of Knowledge from both our Primary and Secondary libraries. Each library has a carefully selected range of books ranging from Fiction, Non-fiction, Personal Development, Business, and so on for each student’s respective preferences.


Both of Dwi Emas’ science labs are fully equipped with all the apparatus and necessary safeguards to accommodate the exploration and experimentation students will be doing throughout their time here.

Science Labs

Our classrooms are set up for a collaborative and flexible learning environment; we have trapezoidal tables so that discussions among students during lessons are easier. The furniture can also be just as easily moved aside to transform the spaces for the unconventional learning that takes place here!


Located in our 12,406 square feet Multi-Purpose Hall, our basketball court is indoors and fully air-conditioned. The court uses Taraflex flooring, the same material used in the Olympic Games. It helps cushion the impact in situations when students fall, dive, or slide.

Basketball Court

Our playground is fully equipped with slides, swings and jungle gyms for the children to play on. It has an area of 11,356 square feet, giving the children enough space to run around and play. The children are always under teacher supervision during play time and the playground is located safely within the school premises.


Our lobby furnished with sofas, benches, even a piano, serves several purposes as a waiting spot for parents and guardians, recreation for students and their lessons, social spot during breaks, reading area etc. No matter the purpose, one can find comfort in this space.


The computer labs are equipped with desktop computers with the necessary software, hardware, and network to accommodate our robust ICT curriculum. The equipment is periodically upgraded to continue to meet those demands.

Computer Labs

We have 12 badminton courts, also competition standard. Just like our basketball court, not only are they located indoors and well ventilated, they also use Taraflex flooring. This way, the risk of our students injuring themselves is greatly reduced and can focus on enjoying their sport.

Badminton Courts

We have 3 full-sized, competition grade futsal courts located on our roof top. With our students’ safety as our priority, the perimeter is fenced up as well. Apart from futsal, our coaches also use them for dodgeball training. Fun fact: the current world dodgeball champions comprise alumni from our ACE EdVenture group.

Futsal Courts

Our school compound serves as a multi-purpose play and activity area. The surface materials are RT tiles, also used by other sports institutes.


We have an infirmary with a nurse on-site during school hours for students in the unfortunate event they feel unwell. For more serious cases and should the need arise, the Avisena Specialist Hospital is also located across the road from us for proper medical consultations.