Fashionably On Time

It’s a wrap! After weeks & weeks of brainstorms, practice, and coming up with stunning designs, they’ve finally showcased all of those efforts by putting up a remarkable fashion runway show! (P.S. Even Shawn Lee was there to perform for the opening ceremony as well).  The Powerpreneur Global Fashion Show is aimed to provide a […]

Y.E.M 2018 (Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace)

Hey folks! Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve seen some material on the Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace (YEM). If you’re not yet familiar, YEM is an annual affair where our Year 6 and 7 students, aged 11-13, go on ground and take the opportunity to put their products and creations up for sale (hint: there […]

Join us at the Launch of Dwi Emas Makerspace!

The new Dwi Emas Makerspace is a collaborative space that empowers our students’ creations. Powered by tools sponsored by CT Hardware Sdn Bhd, they can bring their prototypes, projects, and entrepreneurial mindset to life! In line with our vision here at Dwi Emas to impart the spirit of entrepreneurship from an early age, we are […]

Fiesta Night – The evening to remember

With many fun games and joyous laughter, Fiesta Night concluded with colourful explosions in the sky and many great memories brought home. It was truly the evening to remember; not only did we have fun but our hustling street buskers got the satisfaction to experience a real-life marketplace as well! And boy, it was non-stop […]

Performance Day 2018 – Shine on Stage

ACE EdVenture’s Performance Day is the annual highlight that features stunning performances by students across various performing skill enhancements such as Drama, Hip Hop, and Vocals. Coming to us this July 28 & 29, this Performance Day is going to be a special one because its marks its final chapter. While this chapter concludes, something […]

ACE Festival 2018 – A Student’s Story

Childhood and adolescence – A time where it not only shapes who you are but also a time where we experience some of the greatest moments in life. Whether ups or downs, those are the stories that we embrace as a part of us no matter where we are in life. This year, ACE EdVenture […]

Parents’ Maths Workshop: From Concrete to Abstract

So, if we add this and divide that and wait… what?” Yeah, Mathematics can be difficult to grasp when there are so many “movements”. Having taught math and science for 30 years, our Director of Schools, Melinda handles those struggles in math through visualisation and understanding. How does that work? Come join our workshop and […]