Dwi Emas 2024 February Open Day!

Last Sunday, Dwi Emas opened its doors to many families for the well-anticipated Open Day! 🌟
Commencing with a warm welcome from our Principal, Tr. Ivan Se Hoo, families were greeted with enthusiasm and had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our school through a tour conducted by our very own students! 🚩
Moreover, our long-awaited Class EdVentures impressed participants, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of our teaching approach here at Dwi! This time around, Tr. Rebecca demonstrated the derivation of the trigonometry formula for the participants of our Secondary Class EdVenture! Don’t you think it becomes easier to comprehend the topic when we have a better understanding of its origins? 📐
On the other hand, participants in the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) class learnt about road safety! They also had the opportunity to showcase their creativity by designing their very own road signs, drawing inspiration from their life experiences. Here at Dwi Emas, we believe that students learn best when they can relate to what they’re learning. 🚸
If you missed Open Day, no need to worry! Come for our next Open Week in March or schedule a tour with us now at https://discover.dwiemas.edu.my/.