A teacher at heart, an entrepreneur by example – a session with The Edge Malaysia

From her personal home tuition centre, to running 2 international schools and an educational game company, the journey of our founder, Anne Tham, and Melinda, Director of Schools, began with a desire for better change – not just for her children but the upcoming generations as well.

In a recent interview with The Edge Malaysia, Tr. Anne shared with the world her thoughts of the current education system as well as her entrepreneurial journey in making a pedagogical change to the current landscape.

Here are some points from the article summarised:

  1. The story of Tr. Anne and Melinda have made a significant impact on us all in defining entrepreneurship. They have taught us that entrepreneurship lies beyond just starting a business but a mindset that an individual carries throughout his or her life. Click here to read more about our definition of entrepreneurship
  2. Running a business lies beyond profits and losses but the overall value contributed to society by one’s actions. To them, and now us, it’s about making a difference.
  3. Making a “difference” is not just a walk in the park – they too have had their challenges throughout. Regardless of the barriers, resilience allows them and the team to push further.

    You can read the full article here