Why Entrepreneurship?

The demands of the world continue to evolve and as we reverse-engineer what education needs to truly prepare students, we face the task of educating our children beyond book knowledge. From the two decades we’ve had in education, we believe it’s through entrepreneurship that we’ll grow the future’s trailblazers.

“Our schools have a doubly hard task, not just improving reading, writing, and arithmetic but entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity.” – Sir Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

Imagine your children identifying opportunities, big or small, and solving problems by creating something truly creative and innovative of great value to people in the world. They’d work for themselves and not only would they not have to look for a job, they’d be the ones creating the jobs of the future being the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

At the same time, the entrepreneurial mindset isn’t all about starting businesses. It’s also how one approaches things like their job. For example, you have to choose between two candidates: John works hard to fulfill his job requirements, no more no less, while Peter who also works hard, thinks from the perspective of the business and goes the extra mile to ensure it always performs.

Between the two, who do you think you would value more in your organisation? Who would you work with? And most importantly, in which scenario would your children achieve greater success? At the end of the day, we want to empower students with choices so that they’ll always find success wherever they go and in whatever they do.

Entrepreneurship can mean different things to different people so our approach is defined by our 12 Pillars of Powerpreneurship, a culmination of our founders’ own entrepreneurial journeys:

Creating Massive Value

Every new venture begins with someone able to see opportunity where others only see risk and to create businesses that deliver value.

Think Win Win Win

Financial gain is not always a satisfactory win. Look beyond your profits and see how you can help your clients and the environment around you win! That is what the Triple Bottom Line is about: winning in all aspects that matter.

Trust Is The New Currency

In this age of collaboration, trust is the foundation in ensuring a sustainable future through partnerships big or small globally.

Design My Money Blueprint

Gone are the days of only getting a good paying job. On top of working for money, how can you make money work for you?

Build Empowering Wealth

When it comes to building wealth, look at how it empowers and creates value in the lives of others.

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.)

It is unsustainable with just one person running the show. With a team, an abundance of possibilities are brought to the table.

Become a Problem Solver

Many thriving businesses are started because people create solutions to problems where others see none.

The 4P’s

People, Passion, Profit and Planet. In any successful business or industry, the People come first. Happy people work with Passion which brings in Profit. When all of these things come into play, the whole Planet benefits as well.

Empowered To Pitch

The entrepreneur’s journey starts with a great pitch, so it’s vital to understand the art of pitching.

Coding Creates Opportunities

As digital marketing plays a bigger role in the way businesses connect with their clients, it is important to analyse and understand the platforms that they use to know what works.

Ecosystems Empower Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is made up of students, teachers, parents, alumni and associates, each contributing in their own unique way. This in turn helps the ecosystem to become a valuable support system for everyone involved.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Drive Change

We’re nurturing students to become leaders that drive change on a global level, making positive impact on the lives of people they serve.

Learn more about the Powerpreneur Programme that makes Dwi Emas Malaysia’s First Entrepreneurial School.