Student Development

Skills Enhancement Programmes

Where most conventional curriculums focus on book knowledge, we also want our students to have a well-rounded learning experience. Through our Skills Enhancement Programmes, our students are able to further enhance their right brains (creativity, intuition and breakthrough thinking); as we approach an age where right brain capabilities are highly valued, our students will be prepared to go far in life.

As we engage the students’ minds, we use the creative skills they learn from Hip Hop, Art & Design, Drama, and Vocal Training and apply it to logical subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Doing this facilitates their learning while ensuring they’re able to recall what they’ve learnt.

Academic application aside, by learning from industry-experienced teachers, our students also have ample opportunity to showcase their talents outside of school through local and international collaborations with renown dance competitions like Astro Battleground, Asian Battleground, and Hip Hop International, and the performing arts community like Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) to name a few. Being taught by the performance industry’s best teachers, our students are exposed to what it takes to not only perform, but the ownership necessary in organising their own awesome events and showcases.

If you haven’t yet, explore our full Primary and Secondary school curricula to get a fuller idea of what we offer.

Seeds Training

Since 2009, we have been partners with Seeds Training, the #1 Provider of Youth Training Worldwide, who designs and delivers training programmes for students, teachers, and parents around the world. They are renowned for creating programmes that help youth in the domains of life, leadership, and learning skills.

At the Primary Level, our students go through Star Series, designed to help them learn new skills that they can bring to their schooling life. When they progress to Secondary Level, students get to experience four unique programmes that develop skills that can help them advance further in life beyond school.

Fun and excitement are essential in our Seeds Training programmes. They craft powerful learning experiences through methodologies such as brain-based learning (developing learning capacity), social and emotional learning (building empathy and emotional intelligence), and experiential learning (game-based simulations).

We are committed to providing world-class certified trainings for our students and teachers, our school is the first in Malaysia to be awarded with Seeds Training’s S.E.A.L. of Excellence.

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Leadership Camp

To take our students’ personal development a step further, we have our annual Leadership Camp. We take them out of the school environment to locations like Langkawi where they will encounter challenges on land and sea that will stretch their capabilities as both leaders and team players.

While facing these situations that push their personal growth can be stressful and uncomfortable both mentally and physically, students also have a lot of fun deepening bonds with their friends and teachers. They then come back as stronger individuals, better team players, and levelled up leaders. .