Awards & Recognition

At Dwi Emas, we keep our eye on the ball of innovation and we’re grateful that pushing the boundaries of education for the past 20 years has been accompanied by credibility in our field. More importantly, it’s here that we’d like to acknowledge the parents and students that have supported us through the decades because they give us even more of a reason to keep going.Being Featured by Cambridge University Student Union
Among the recognition we’ve received, one honour that is of particular significance for us is being featured by Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) for 5 consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018). CUSU is an entity composed of Cambridge professors, alumni, and students that keep their pulse on organisations that best represent Cambridge’s ideology. Every year, they have an annual publication with all their selected schools and universities worldwide for the year and in its 2017 edition, Cambridge Strategies: Innovation 800, Dwi Emas was featured as a Best-Practice Pioneer for its entrepreneurial approach to education.
The innovation doesn’t stop there. Another example is our creation, ChemCaper, the world’s very first Chemistry role-playing game that is also part of our curriculum. The game has received much international acclaim including a 96% rating and certification from Kokoa (a Finnish EdTech education standard) for bridging the gap between gaming and education. Our founder, Anne, was even invited to speak at TEDxKL 2016 on the topic of gamifying education.Challenging the conventions of education is the name of our game, especially if it means finding new and better ways for students to learn.

Here are key awards and recognition we have received over the years:



  • SME100 Fast Moving Companies award


  • ASEAN Business Award for SME Excellence in Innovation
  • Top 3 nominee for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Women Category)


  • International Mobile Gaming Award Southeast Asia 2016 (IMGA SEA): Winner of Best Meaningful Play
  • APICTA Award 2016 for Best E-Learning
  • Woman of the Year 2016 by Her World Magazine


  • Nominee for International Mobile Games Award Global 2017
  • Platinum Award for Best Employer by SOBA 2017
  • Grand Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award by SOBA 2017

Rated 96/100 by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

How do we ensure that providing the Best Education Experience happens Consistently for Every Student in any part of the world? By prioritising teacher training every step of the way to transform teachers from Expert Knowledge Transferers into Expert Behaviour Transferers.

We are so proud to announce that our Homegrown Teacher Training Program has been certified by the Education Alliance Finland (EAF) with a score of 96/100. The EAF certifies learning solutions, and evaluates educational products based on global quality standards. It is an honour to have recognition from Finland, a nation that has one of the best education systems in the world. 

Our teacher training program is the culmination of 40 years of innovative and unexpected teaching methods from our founders. They’ve always been fantastic at getting students to do things they hate doing, to the point where they have fun and fall in love with those same things instead. We make sure that our teachers learn these same skills so they are fully equipped to handle students, the ACE way.


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