Whenever the school year draws to a close, we know it’s time for our annual Appreciation Day (commonly known as App Day). Students come together with their own creative (sometimes whacky, but mostly wonderful) performances on this day as a token of appreciation for their teachers.

We had a whopper of 30 performances, ranging from dance to drama skits, and the show was emceed by 5 of our students: Dharan (Year 6), Ashley (Year 6), Edwen (Year 5), Samantha (Year 7) and Enrique (Year 10). Young as they are, they did a fantastic job of holding the audience!

Equally, we’re grateful to the students for their artistic, ingenious performances and are happy to see how much they have grown this year! It’s easy to forget when time flies.

App Day is also the time we take to acknowledge and congratulate our dear students for their outstanding achievements. From academics all the way to sports, well done! It’s such a privilege teaching and being with such talented young people.

Have a look at some of the best shots that we have from the day!





Thank you everyone for a terrific 2017. Happy Holidays!