Dwi Emas Young Entrepreneurs Festival! This premier event is designed to empower business owners and entrepreneurs, providing valuable resources, networking connections, and investment prospects.

At the festival, attendees can explore new business opportunities and receive the support they need to take their ventures to new heights. With over 200 exhibitions, participants will have the chance to discover the latest products, services, and technologies in their industries.
In addition, the festival features inspiring keynote speakers who will share their success stories and provide practical tips and advice on achieving business success.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking to grow your business or a budding entrepreneur just starting out, the Dwi Emas Young Entrepreneur Festival is the perfect event to attend. With its focus on business growth, networking, and investment opportunities, this platform offers entrepreneurs a fantastic opportunity to achieve success and make a real impact in the business world.


Date: 22nd & 23rd June 2024

Location: Dwi Emas International School

Time: 9am-6pm



  • Attendees will not be able to use cash / digital payment methods during the event to make any purchase(s).
  • Attendees have to option to purchase these vouchers before or during the event


Collection for Pre-event Vouchers Purchases:

  • ACE Parents: The voucher will be given to the ACE students whose their parents have made the payment 2 weeks prior the event.
  • Public: The voucher will be given to the Public attendees on the event day

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Young Entrepreneur X Factor (YEX)

Young Entrepreneur X Factor Global Pitching Competition, participants will present their business ideas to a panel of judges, who will evaluate each pitch based on various criteria such as innovation, viability, market potential and scalability. The judges will provide valuable feedback to each participant and select the top finalists who will advance to the next round. This round aims to identify the most promising ventures and prepare them for further success in the competition.

-This competition is for kids only (age 9-17 years old)
-Registration Ends on 2nd June 2024

Business Conferences

The Business Conference serves as a platform for business owners to take the stage and share their insights on a designated theme. From navigating market shifts to embracing innovation, each year brings forth a new focal point, inviting entrepreneurs to offer their unique perspectives and strategies. This interactive forum not only empowers attendees with practical wisdom but also fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, fueling collaboration and growth within the business community.

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Networking Sessions

The session offers a vibrant platform for professionals to expand their networks, exchange ideas, and explore business opportunities. Attendees engage in dynamic discussions, fostering connections and gaining fresh insights into industry trends. Through collaborative dialogue, participants uncover potential partnerships and avenues for growth, cultivating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship


The exhibition sections serve as a pivotal avenue for both young and adult entrepreneurs to present their products, driving sales and fostering collaborative opportunities. Here, participants can showcase their offerings, tapping into a diverse audience to expand their market reach and establish fruitful connections. This dynamic environment encourages engagement and networking, facilitating potential partnerships and collaborations that fuel business growth and innovation.

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