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Financial Education

Where others might see this as theory to banking, different types of business entities etc., Financial Education at Dwi Emas is our backbone to the entrepreneurial mindset we impart in our students towards innovation and driving change for the better. The buzz word today is "Disruption". 

Traditional education systems focus primarily on school leavers and graduates getting jobs. This is no longer relevant as many students now graduate with no guarantee of job security, much less a 'good' job. This dilemma even spills onto post-graduate and masters degree holders. The other huge issue that then plagues graduates is the huge student loans that have effectively created the student-debt crisis in some countries, ours included. 

Today's world does not associate entrepreneurial success to academic success. With primitive education systems still toiling to scrape students through today, what will prepare them for the world of tomorrow? Change in the right direction can only happen when parents and educators realise where education needs to go.

The purpose of Financial Education is to grow all our students to be able to collaborate across borders while creating wealth that empowers and serves the community, society and the environment. It starts from the time your child joins us. Below is an idea of what your child can expect to gain through our entrepreneurship programme:

Primary School

The beginning stages of Financial Education are where we focus on growing our students’ character and their skills as well as instilling the right principles and values.  How do we do this? Through using methods like roleplaying or even having class projects like building a vending machine with resources they have on hand. This redirects the energy that the younger students have into thinking creatively and innovatively. In year 6, the students are given the chance to sell their own products at a one day event. This event also extends to the Year 7 students.

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Secondary School

It is in this stage that their skills are honed. Lessons move to focus on how they can take full advantage of online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as digital marketplaces, like Shopee and Carousell. It is at this level of education that we teach the students on how they can turn what they are passionate about into cashflow. When our students are in their upper secondary years, they will be taught the Art of Pitching, given the chance to pitch their business ideas and earn actual seed money for their projects. By the time they graduate, most of our students have already experienced what it is like to start and run a business of their own

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To ensure all our students get the right values and principles, our approach is backed by the 12 Pillars of Entrepreneurship that form the foundation of the entrepreneurial mindset we impart to them.