Academic Champion (Teacher)

Selangor (Group Level) | Full-time position


The Academic Champion has the overall responsibility of embodying the ACE DNA, delivering the ACE pedagogy and experience to prepare students for, most importantly, the real world and more immediately, the Cambridge IGCSE examination.


Key Responsibilities
  • Deliver content and facilitate coursework, discussions, and activities according to ACE EdVenture’s pedagogy and standards.
  • Contact students’ parents regularly to update them on their children’s progress in the real world, academic and behavioural aspects whether positive or negative, especially positive.
  • Attend mandatory team meetings such as Termly Tactics to stay updated on the school’s growth and evolution and convey relevant updates to students.
  • Work with Academic teams to update and upgrade curricula based on purpose and principles in the ACE DNA.
  • Prepare students’ report cards in a timely manner for sufficient time to vet and print.
  • Be ready to aid Academic Heads in the preparation of materials needed in the classroom or for student progress and wellbeing.
  • Document student work/progress for tracking purposes.
  • Encourage and instil self-discipline in students.
  • Speak English at all times and ensure students do the same except during non-English language classes.
  • Handle emergencies and crises in the classroom.
  • Communicate information to leaders that could jeopardise a student’s/student safety or wellbeing with the utmost appropriation.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to address classroom or student-specific issues.
  • Adhere to company policies that are put in place to protect and serve all stakeholders within ACE EdVenture.
  • Support all relevant activities, events, functions held / organized by the school at the school premises or at external premises i.e. Open Days, Education Fair, Parent-Teacher Days, Event’s Day, Appreciation Day etc.


Job Requirement
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline (Engineering / Medicine / Biosciences / Law / Business / IT / Communication / Psychology / Architect / Pharmacy / English / BM / Chinese / Art). Preferably with Master Degree or higher qualification.
  • External experience in the corporate world in any other field with a passion to make a change in the education.
  • Ability to present and hold an audience’s attention.
  • Strong ability to lead and influence children and teens.
  • Proactive and strong work ethic.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Emotional intelligence and management.
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set and approach to academic aspects.
  • Ability to adapt and move quickly when changes occur.
  • Good judgement and decision-making aptitude that represents the organisation.

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