In line with our continuing coverage of Slush 2017's XcitED education summit, here's the 2nd blog post with a story we've couldn't wait to share because it's just so, so good.

Imagine being a regular 8 year old little girl from here in KL, going to primary school at Dwi Emas and, of course, being anything but average. Imagine that apart from being an aspiring zoologist, avid singer and drummer, deciding what you're going to wear to school today, or who you're going to invite for your birthday party, you're also dealing with being the founder and CEO of your own not-so-little company, Bloom Teas. [!!!]

Well, that's what life looks like for Shailaja and she travelled with her parents and Teacher Anne to Finland to speak to the audience of education experts about what it's like to be such a young CEO. 

Shailaja a.k.a. the toothless CEO

Mid speech

A standing ovation

You can watch Shailaja's absolutely amazing talk right here and please, please, please, do yourself a favour and check it out. Superlatives are thrown around all too easily these days but we are 100% certain that this is one of the best presentations you'll have seen by an 8-year-old.

The audience certainly thought so, honouring Shailaja with a standing ovation for her effort. Saying we're proud of her doesn't do it enough justice. We see a lot of amazing kids day to day and it never ceases to amaze us, but making the jaws of education experts from around the world drop is something you don't get to witness every day. 

This one's also dedicated to all our students and teachers who make Dwi Emas what it is, as we get to celebrate Shailaja's achievements and success collectively - precisely how we teach it at school.