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Why Entrepreneurship?

At the heart of Dwi Emas International School is its Entrepreneurship Programme with Financial Education as its backbone.

Why entrepreneurship?

Because we believe in growing a generation of pioneers who are the creators of opportunity and value to society - People who leave the world in a better state than when they first came into it.

Wouldn’t it be a great reassurance to also know that your children have means to be financially self-reliant before they graduate? What if your children could be financially free by the time they hit university and cover the tuition costs themselves? You don’t have to wait for after your child to graduate to find out. 

At Dwi Emas International School, we give our students more than just book knowledge. We give them the opportunity, encouragement and a safe environment to materialise their ideas.

To support them, we have mentors from around the globe to guide them, and they have access to an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. One example is Launchpad, a platform where students, parents, staff, alumni and associates all come together in the spirit of entrepreneurship to connect, collaborate, and create opportunities. Have you seen a business collaboration happen between a student and another parent? Perhaps between different parents and unlikely acquaintances? It is all happening right here.

As our students dream big, we are thrilled to see some of those dreams already turn into reality while they are with us.

This is the vision we have for our students and people of the Dwi Emas family. Find out more about our Financial Education programme.