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Dwi Emas

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Who We Are

New Discoveries Everyday

Everyday someone discovers something new, like edible water bottles or the invention of cybernetic implants that cures, restores or enhances bodily function.

While everything develops at a rapid pace, conventional education systems remain the same and struggle to keep up with all this new information. Imagine years from now when we have jobs like gene programming or even body parts manufacturing.

Will today’s education prepare our children for tomorrow’s landscape?

Dwi Emas: The School of the Future

With that question in mind, we have built Dwi Emas International School right here in Shah Alam, Selangor, to grow trailblazers that are ready to lead tomorrow’s world. But how do you prepare children for the future with textbooks containing information of the past?

The answer lies in teaching students skills that they can use in the future, on top of focusing on academic success. In an age where everyone has easy access to information, people who are adaptable and innovative have more value and are the ones who will succeed in the long run.

Imagine if your child could change the world by creating something that impacted the lives of others with the information or skills he or she has.

Does that mean that we no longer use textbooks? Not at all. Instead, we use the combination of textbooks with unorthodox methods to engage the students. Imagine learning Reactive Metals for Chemistry through choreographing dance moves and Locus for Maths through treasure hunts. How cool is that?

Where We Came From

The foundation for our curriculum came from the ACE EdVenture Programme.

The ACE EdVenture Programme was founded by Anne Tham in 1995. She is a teacher by profession who saw the need for an education system that would provide students with essential skills that will help them be ready for life beyond school.

With that want to meet the needs of the students, she went on to start the ACE EdVenture Programme. What started out as an English tuition centre in her home quickly expanded as more parents saw the positive effects that her teaching methods had on their children. Today, the ACE EdVenture Programme is used in numerous tuition centres, language centres, and international schools; among them, Dwi Emas International School.

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