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Dwi Emas

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Recognition & Awards

Here at Dwi Emas International School, we are always about cutting edge innovation when it comes to education. 

Take our creation, ChemCaper, for example, the world’s very first Chemistry role-playing game. ChemCaper is an integral part of our curriculum and the results have been astonishing! The game has received much acclaim and recognition, including certification and a 96% rating from Kokoa (a Finnish Edtech education standard) for bridging the gap between gaming and education. Our founder, Anne Tham, was also invited to speak at TEDxKL 2016 on the topic of “How to be a better student by playing computer games?”.

Challenging the boundaries of education is what we do, especially if it means finding new ways for students to learn. Dwi Emas and our ACE EdVenture approach to education have been featured in numerous publications and media. Here are some key awards and recognition that we have received over the years.



> SME100 Fast Moving Companies award
> ASEAN Business Award: SME Excellence in Innovation
> Top 3 Nominee for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Women Category) - Anne Tham
> International Mobile Gaming Award Southeast Asia 2016 (IMGA SEA): Winner of Best Meaningful Play - ChemCaper
> Asia Pacific ICT Awards Awards (APICTA): Best E-Learning - ChemCaper
> Woman of the Year by Her World Magazine - Anne Tham
> Nominee for International Mobile Games Award Global 2017 - ChemCaper
> Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA): Platinum Award for Best Employer
> Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA): Grand Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year