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Dwi Emas

International School

Meet Our Founders

Our dreams and vision for the school came from two educators that sought to make a difference in education. Here are some words from them:

For the longest time, I couldn't put a finger on what bothered me about the education system. It was when I started teaching 32 years ago that it came to me. School teaches students to be competitive, among friends and peers. There can only be one top dog, one winner, one person who succeeds. What about number 2 you may ask. Well, he/she's not number 1 would be the reply. That was the drill and the impression made upon us students. 

The real world, is obviously different. You have to collaborate to compete, definitely an oxymoron. 

Then, having started teaching Financial Education to my graduating classes for the past 16 years, I realised that this was crucial to making academic education relevant for the students.

It was a dream come true when we started Dwi Emas International School, the first entrepreneurial school in Malaysia. We wanted our students to start and run businesses while still studying. They will provide jobs and they will drive change. 

Once we get the whole idea of creating value in the lives of others and the idea that generating wealth can be made through a supportive culture rather than one that is suppressive or one-sided into the students' DNA, then we will have a whole generation of young people who will know how to do right by others as entrepreneurs or corporate leaders. 

This trailblazing spirit is taught to all our students, not just to a selected few who are deemed to be better academically. That is our purpose and our commitment to all our students.

Anne Tham
Founder & Group CEO

Setting up this school has been about eliminating some of the frustrations I've encountered over the many years that I was teaching in conventional schools. I envisioned teachers and students being friendly with each other, and students being curious what they're learning with great questions and discussions stemming from that curiosity. 

Hence, when Anne and I decided to set up our schools, we made sure that everything we do leads to this kind of outcome. We've been able to incorporate unconventional methods into logical subjects so that students would enjoy learning. 

Then, the big dream for Dwi Emas International School is to see primary and secondary students turning their ideas into businesses they can run. We have seen our students start businesses with just 9 hours of Financial Education at the end of Year 11 for all ACE Centres and our first international school, Sri Emas. We know that we are on to something. If we could start them younger, and teach students to think entrepreneurially, the outcome would be even more amazing. And it's already happening!

Melinda Lim
Director of Schools