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Dwi Emas

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12 Pillars of Entrepreneurship

The heart of Dwi Emas International School is our entrepreneurship. Each pillar represents a building block of the entrepreneurial spirit that we cultivate among our students.

Creating Massive Value

Every new venture begins with someone able to see opportunity where others only see failure and to create businesses that deliver value.


Think Win Win Win

Consumers in today’s market look beyond just satisfying their needs. They look at whether the business manufactures environmental-friendly products, takes good care of their employees and so on. In order for a business to succeed today, business owners need to take care of the environment and society first, making their customers satisfied and willing to buy their products/service. That is what the Triple Bottom Line is about: winning in all aspects that matter.


Trust Is The New Currency

The Age of Collaboration requires big and small companies to collaborate in order to survive. It is in this age where trust has become the foundation in ensuring a sustainable future through partnerships big or small globally.


Design My Money Blueprint

From an early age, our parents taught us that the way to succeed in life is by getting a high paying job and climbing the corporate ladder. Instead of working for money, you will re-evaluate what you understand about money and see how you can make money work for you.


Build Empowering Wealth

Building empowering wealth looks beyond just staying in the black. It looks at how you can create value in the lives of others and yours at the same time.


Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.)

Companies cannot survive for long with just one person running the show. It is through collaborating and working with a team that brings an abundance of possibilities to the table.


Become a Problem Solver

Many businesses are started by people who saw a problem and couldn’t find anyone with an answer to it. Rather than waiting for the answer to fall into their laps, they set out to provide it, creating thriving businesses in the process.


The 4 Ps of Power-Preneurship

True value is created when your business has these 4 Ps: People, Passion, Profit and Planet. In any successful business/industry, the People come first. Happy people work with Passion which brings in Profit. When all of these things come into play, the whole Planet benefits as well.


Empowered To Pitch

Any entrepreneur’s journey starts with a great pitch, which is makes it vital to understand the art of pitching.


Coding Creates Opportunities

The advancements in technology have changed the way many industries run. For businesses, digital marketing now plays a vital role in maintaining and growing business-client relationships. This makes it important for entrepreneurs to analyse and understand the platforms that they use to know what works in their favour.


Ecosystems Empower Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is made up of students, teachers, parents, alumni and associates, each contributing in their own unique way. This in turn helps the ecosystem to become a valuable support system for everyone involved.


Entrepreneurial Leaders Drive Change

We’re nurturing students to become leaders that drive change on a global level, making positive impact on the lives of people they serve.